Ben Somers String Band

Amants del Bluegrass, tenim un concert de luxe, un imperdible en tota regla. Ben Somers va venir fa poc amb The peregrines i aquest cop ens visita amb el seu quartet.

Ben Somers is a multi instrumentalist from London UK. Trained in jazz and raised on bluegrass ,country and folk music , he is as much an active singer/songwriter as he is a busy session musician. He grew up listening from the wings of many theatres and venues to his father , Steve Somers playing with the likes of Glen Campbell, Billie Jo Spears, Lonnie Donegal and more. He began playing the saxophone aged 16 and went on to study jazz in London. During his studies he picked up the double bass and discovered his passion for the music he had been brought up on. Bluegrass became a constant and strong influence within his music. Over his years spent in London Ben has been and still is a key member in many groups of varying genres such as Latin , African, jazz, folk, soul and pop. Ben has toured and played with names such as Seal, Taylor Swift, Dizzee Rascal, Mika, Dr John, Bruce Molsky, Dirk Powell and many more. He is currently part of the transatlantic bluegrass, jazz, modern acoustic group The Peregrines. He writes , arranges and produces music for himself and others and has released several recordings:

"Ben Somers' Brass Hysteria" album on band camp

"Introducing The Peregrines"

"Dad, You Better StartDrinkin'" by The Fire-Eaters

"Introducing The Wagon Tales"

Més concerts dijous, 12 / octubre / 2017

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